Me And The Hound Barbecue

Rob Baker – Owner/Smoker

Born and raised in Memphis TN where pig is king….my goal is to bring Memphis style barbecue to the West. After 10+ years of competing in Memphis in May World Barbecue Championship and numerous other competitions “studying” under legend “Uncle” Perry Welch, good fortune would bring me to beautiful Monterey County where I am sharing my love of low and slow smoking. Using 100% fruit woods from local orchards (Apriocot is my favorite) the meat is never marinated,injected or basted–just family recipe dry rub and smoke! 20+ hours of smoke and the smoker is never opened during this time. If you’re lookin’ it ain’t cookin’. The shoulder is hand pulled by Pull Master Jennings at time of service and then and only then is our family recipe vinegar sauce available to join the meat. Our meat never takes a bath in sauce…that’s a sin! ENJOY

Chris Jennings -Certified Pull Master

He grew up in Central Texas (Mexia) and his parents were raised in rural Tennessee just outside of Memphis. He has been pullin’ pork since he was tall enough to look into the smoker. Jennings has always felt that barbecue is a way of expressing who you are. My Daddy always told me “settle down young’s got to be low and slow….settle down”. His patience and attention to pullin’ the old school way is always by hand and at time of service..never before. His skills are one of the reasons why Me and the Hound is so successful in bringing Memphis Style Barbecue to the west coast. Sometimes you can hear him in the hills singing Rocky Top with the hounds!